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Left Front Brake Caliper 3.0

New V3.0 front brake design, made to help elminate a common problem among racers and a design that allows changing a hub or axle quickly easier. With the latest design the fluid will have to travel completely through the entire caliper before exiting out the bleed screw.

(Apr 2023 change) we have changed the fitting on the back to a, -3 oring fitting instead of the npt.

We have designed the caliper to be taken off on it's own without having to unbolt the steering arm from the spindle.

All of the components will be anodized black

Equipped with two 1" 304 stainless steel pucks. To provide the best pucks available.

All included:

- -3 oring to -3 AN Fitting

- Steel bleed screw

- Set of brake pads

- Steel SHCS

- Smith Titanium Custom Pin/Bolt

- (2) 3/8-16 grade 8 bolts

All brake calipers are pressure tested to 600 psi in-house before shipping.

Left Front Brake Caliper 3.0

SKU: DRP-0125
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