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Trailer Axle Holder

Trailer Axle Holder

Comes with your choice of any 2 options of the 3 different axle holder types.

Option 1 - Complete Axle Holder - holds a complete assm. front axle (made to fit d1 style axle)

Option 2 - Bare Axle holder - holds (2) bare front axles (made to fit d1 style axle)

Option 3 - Rear Axle holder - holds a complete rear axle, without hitting the rear rotor on the wall.


Includes - (2) Back Straps, (1) set of holders (option 1), (1) set of holders (option 2), bolts, zipties to hold axles


The holders themselves are anodized back with the back strap just raw aluminum.


Trailer Axle Holder

SKU: DRP-0080
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